Do you think she likes her ears scritched maybe

Best girl.

Trust me, there is nothing sexier than a sweaty orange

my interspecies love uterus

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Buff Ledge Hunt Team 1967 x

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Things you find at the hotel gift shop


Bizarre realization: i actually enjoying cleaning my apartment?

Or at least, I get enough satisfaction and pride out of keeping my space nice that it makes it totally worth it.

I’ve even managed to clear out my fridge regularly enough to avoid having yo deal with anything TOO fuzzy and…


Oh I know a ton of their stuff is crap…I only get stuff from (admittedly not high-end) brands I recognize like Roma or Horze or whatever, and if I can find what I want it ends up being cheaper to get it all from there rather than separate orders from Dover/Smartpak/Victory Canter etc etc. Thanks for the heads up though :)

Signs I might be turning into my parents: pulled the car over to take pictures of birds

Think ya got a little something on your face there babe