Handsome boy in Kentucky

Sweet eye

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Operation “buy saddle for horse I don’t own yet” complete

The Cosmic Collider


quieteventer can you go get that horse van

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Darco back in the day

At least I have these boys

As much fun as I’ve been having with the greenies, I forgot how much I love the old campaigners. This guy is 22 and used to do the 1.3m jumpers and from the second you pull him out of his stall you can tell he’s thinking “it’s cool, this is my job, I got this.” He’s coming back into work after a DDFT injury and we just started trotting straight lines…and he just puts himself on the bit and powers off into this big lofty trot, is clearly unimpressed with being pulled up at every corner but doesn’t make a fuss, just ready to power off at the next long side. He is such a neat horse and I’m so lucky I get to work with him.


Such a beautiful night.

" the universe

She’s golden

Chaucer 8/9/14

Fancy fellow

If this is him coming off of 5 months not working, he is gonna look gooooood when we get him back in shape