Bizarre realization: i actually enjoying cleaning my apartment?

Or at least, I get enough satisfaction and pride out of keeping my space nice that it makes it totally worth it.

I’ve even managed to clear out my fridge regularly enough to avoid having yo deal with anything TOO fuzzy and…


Oh I know a ton of their stuff is crap…I only get stuff from (admittedly not high-end) brands I recognize like Roma or Horze or whatever, and if I can find what I want it ends up being cheaper to get it all from there rather than separate orders from Dover/Smartpak/Victory Canter etc etc. Thanks for the heads up though :)

Signs I might be turning into my parents: pulled the car over to take pictures of birds

Think ya got a little something on your face there babe

Baby horse is awfully lucky he’s so cute and talented…

Lifelong goal, consider yourself accomplished

props to my ever-loyal paparazzi comedypony

Future fashion designer at work

horse heaven

Given that I found his halter on the ground, going to go with Option Number A with a side of “this is why you don’t turn horses out with fucking halters on all day” comedypony

Basically, I need this second horse and this boy so I can share this view

Shouldn’t be too much to ask really

Eliot says ehrmagerd why are you leading me by the reins?!?!?!one!

Uuhhhmmm somehow we’ve progressed from “wouldn’t it be cool if” to “I have a plan to call the trainer this week” what am I doing

SDA is getting braver and/or really loves millet