"I swear I didn’t do it mom!"

Guilty guilty guilty

Thanks, kids

Please think good thoughts for us!


A rainbow of mantis shrimp by Eve Austin White.

(What, you haven’t heard about the mantis shrimp? Here, listen to this.)

Dirty horse + rain = muddy horse



Hey horsey tumblr peeps! Interested in doing a good deed today? A former teacher of mine is a finalist for a $100k grant. She wants to build Chicago’s (like, “inner city” Chicago) first hippotherapy/therapeutic riding barn and needs funding for an indoor arena. She runs a wonderful program and as Midwest residents know, it’s really hard to ride year round without an indoor! She could use all the votes she can get. It’s super easy— go to the link posted and vote for Maggie Kendall — “Raise the Barn Roof.” You can vote EVERY DAY through November 30th. Just remember to verify your vote through the automated email reply. Please please vote, reblog, spread the word however you can…this kids deserve this!

Do this!

Reblergh! Everyone that saw us trail riding today was blown away by horses in the city. How cool would it be if we were able to get the community more connected with horses?

Oh you know just trail riding along Lake Shore Drive


(The last bird is not dead. It is asking for a tummy scratch.)

Photographedby Leila Jeffreys [website]

[h/t: jedavu]

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Things that happen the day after a really good ride

Things that happen the next day after a really good ride

"Buying crap pertaining to something that might not even happen" Level: Expert

Someone was full of it today

  • Farrier: Well, her feet look great. I have no idea what's wrong with your horse.
  • Me: Yeah, me neither.